Is there an expert firm that knows how best to combine ultramodern technologies with safe methods in providing full-fledge specialty, carpet and upholstery cleaning services?
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Carpet cleaning for homes should be taken seriously, not only because of the sparkling clean look it adds to your apartment but also for its health benefits.

Furry friends grow to become inseparable companions in our homes. As much as they add fun to our lives, so also they often add stains and odors to our lovely carpets and upholsteries.

You can make a good business impression with our commercial floor cleaning services. We value the importance of putting up a good...

We know how tragic it is to experience water invasion or flooding. It results from excess  rain, broken pipe, washing machine overflow, and roof leakage.

Upholstered furniture are expensive investments that add a touch of luxury to homes, offices, restaurants or hotels.

Welcome to BOSS Carpet Cleaning Solutions!

BOSS Carpet Cleaning Solutions Inc is a fast-rising company you can trust for integrated cleaning solutions in Drumheller, Canada. Our cleaning technology is revolutionary. It is fashioned to penetrate deep into carpets, area rugs and upholsteries while exhuming stubborn dirt and discolorations in the high-traffic areas - leaving it as good as new.

Here at Boss Carpet Cleaning Solutions, cleansing soaps and detergents are rendered needless not only because they keep attracting dirt and particulates, but also for the health hazards they pose to kids and pets. We cherish the value and health benefits that sparkling clean carpets and upholsteries add to your home and business, that’s why we rely on green-certified solutions for a healthy clean that lasts.

Need something other than carpet and upholstery cleaning? Our specialty services include water extraction, pet stains and odor removal. It’s your website, feel free to explore and learn more about our integrated cleaning solutions. 

Highest Standards. Happiest Clients.


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About Us

Boss Carpet Cleaning Solutions is a locally owned and operated company you can trust for affordable, first-class carpet cleaning and specialty services. Established in 2016 and grounded in Drumheller, we have been diligently serving and blowing our clients’ mind with integrated carpet cleaning solutions that are second to none.

We were inspired by the need to extend full professional carpet/floor covering cleaning solutions that can be tailored to meet residential and commercial needs. With an eye for detail and a strong passion for sending dirt packing, we’re in business to help you take out the stress of cleaning so you can focus on other things that are important.

Since we began operation, we have specialized in cleaning carpets, area rugs and upholstery. More so, our specialty services deal in water extraction, area rug cleaning, pet stains and odor removal.

What’s more? We strive to build a strong reputation around our business by going above and beyond in exceeding clients expectations. We pride ourselves on a team of trusted, experienced technicians as well as state-of-the-art technologies that yield stellar results.

Our Mission

Our mission is to become Drumheller’s premier hub for dependable, carpet cleaning and specialty services. We pledge to deliver affordable, innovative services within the standards of unmatched quality and professionalism

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