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Upholstery Cleaning Services

Upholstered furniture are expensive investments that add a touch of luxury to homes, offices, restaurants or hotels. Everyone one loves to sit comfortably on a cushioned furniture but no one admires a dirty upholstery.

Boss Clean is a dependable resource for super-clean, dry upholstery services. Using latest ROTOVAC Sheardry upholstery tool and effective methods that work for your fiber type, we can open up years of piled-up debris, encapsulate the dirt and restore newness to your upholstered furniture.


Professional Upholstery Cleaning Methods

Dry Soil Removal

Tested and trusted method for removing intricate soils from fabrics is by dry vacuuming. Our technicians will thoroughly vacuum your furniture using ROTOVAC ShearDry equipment to remove dust, dirt and particulate.

Extraction Rinse

Our certified, trained professionals know how best to safely remove suspended soils by combining Hot water extraction with acidic solutions. The end result is an extra-soft, neutralized fiber with a rejuvenated furniture look!

Applying Soil Suspending Pre-conditioner

Our proprietary BOSS SAUCE upholstery pre-conditioner is sprayed and allowed to penetrate deep into the fiber for umpteen soil suspension.


Our special drying equipment is highly efficient and can get your upholstery for use within a 30-minute dry time.

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