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Residential Carpet Cleaning

Carpet cleaning for homes should be taken seriously, not only because of the sparkling clean look it adds to your apartment but also for its health benefits. In a bid to knocking sultry soil, dirt and germs off your carpet, we have carefully fashioned out a revolutionary formula – one that’s specifically recommended by carpet manufacturers themselves.

Here at Boss Carpet Cleaning Solutions, we focus on hot water extraction cleaning to extend the residual life of your carpets. Each time, we maintain the “like-new” appearance and we do this in the most professional manner using apt cleaning solutions, vacuum power and water temperature.

Our Carpet Cleaning Process

Dry Soil Removal

With the aid of our high-powered Counter-Rotating Brush (CRB) carpet cleaning machines, we will agitate carpet fibers, break up tough soils and pick up suspended soils from the carpet fibers. We then perform a perfect finish with the next vacuuming so what you’re left with is a super clean carpet that dries up in an hour or less.

Applying Pre-spray cleaning Solution (The Boss Sauce)

Our proprietary spray, the BOSS SAUCE will be tailored to meet your carpet needs. While special attention is given to heavy traffic areas, the solution will be sprayed from all sides of the carpet fiber to ensure that it goes deep down and suspends all soil types. It works like magic!

Deodorizer Application

Deodorizers compliment your carpet fibers. You will be given the option to pick a deodorizer fragrance which would be applied to your carpet once we’re finished cleaning.

Carpet Drying

Certain fiber types dry differently. Once we’re done cleaning, our technicians will tailor specialized dryers to your carpet fiber type. We understand that humidity control and proper ventilation are important when drying carpets – let expert technicians take good care of your carpet.

Discoloration & Spot Removal

We lavish lots of attention on areas that receive high traffic regularly. We are able to completely remove stains including coffee, tea, blood, pet urine, gum, and nail polish. Our professional team will remove any stains or discoloration before giving your carpet a thorough cleansing.

Extract and Rinse

Here at Boss Carpet Clean Solutions, we use advanced ROTOVAC 360i Rotary Jet Extractor that combines 4 rotary jet sprays with multi-vacuum heads to thoroughly clean carpet fibers with hundreds of multi-directional cleaning passes. As we lift out the pile of soils, we rinse off the cleaning solution with the Boss Acid neutralizing fiber rinse. It's an all-fiber rinse made from premium-grade ingredients to remove soils and pre-spray residues that are left behind. Safe, multi-purpose acidic extraction rinse neutralizes alkalinity; leaves carpet fibers bright and luxuriously soft to the touch. It smells amazing too!

Carpet Fiber Combing

When your carpet is dry, we neatly rake the fiber to give a complete re-defining set that makes your carpet look brand new again.

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